BBQ Hotplate Liners Non Stick Grill Mat Oven Cooking Baking Reusable Sheet Pad



  • 2 x Liners 25 x 33cm approx.
  • Portable, use anywhere
  • Cooking Oil not required
  • Use on BBQ or in roasting dishes and oven trays
  • Ideal for sticky marinades
  • Oven, Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Proof

Instructions: -

  • Trim to size if required
  • Wash Liner thoroughly before use. Always handle hot surfaces with care when removing the liner
  • After use wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly
  • Do not expose directly to naked flames, burners or heating elements
  • Do not cut food on the liner with sharp knives or use sharp-edged cooking utensils
  • Do not exceed an oven temperature of 260 C / 500 / Gas Mk 10

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